Sunday, August 26, 2007

If we're going to trash people who go to gatherings instead of going to work...

Let's get them all.

Steve V at Far and Wide did a great job of highlighting the protests that our man Steve Harper clearly doesn't like. I always appreciate a prime minister who looks at Canadian citizens and trashes them. It's so, so, Soviet.

I do, however, think it only appropriate to point out that Steve (The Harper) has engaged in the hypocrisy of omission. He left himself out of the picture when, in fact, Harper took time off to be a speaker at the very same kind of gathering.
Canadians owe their freedom to soldiers like those fighting in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told a rally on Parliament Hill in support of Canada's troops.
I might have gone to one of those things, but hell, I couldn't get the time off.

Stalin, that's right, Stalin, would have been proud of Harper.

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