Friday, August 24, 2007

Flush With Your Cash That You'll Never See Again

Didn't the old Reform Party, Canadian Alliance and then Conservative Party used to rail about incompetence and skull-duggery every time it was announced that the budget surplus was higher than projected?

"In March, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty estimated the surplus would reach $3 billion.
However, the surplus had already reached $6.4 billion in the first three months of the fiscal year, from the beginning of April through the end of June."

Whose incompetence and what skull-duggery does this surplus reflect?

But none of that tax based surplus will be used to provide services for the citizens. Oh no, that would be just plain wrong.

Instead it will be used to justify lowering corporate tax rates and spending more money on snazzy new toys for Little Rickie 'the 'splainer' Hillier.

And once again the citizens, the people of the country, will get no benefit and reap no reward.

Because when all is said and done our purpose is to provide government with surpluses and the government's purpose is to refuse to allocate it back to us in the form of programs or services.

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