Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Modern Conservative Ideology Explained

Cliff at Rusty Idols has already blogged this in the Canadianosphere but I thought I'd add a couple of further thoughts.

The whole article in it's original format can be found here. Pass it along to any US friends.

The character who wrote this inspiring bit of sedition is one Philip Atkinson, a Brit import, and as eccentric as only a Brit can be (or maybe a post WW1 German catholic industrialist, I'm never sure).

His very own website is called Our Civilization.

I thought I might include some further samples of his wisdom, such as it is, but I find I have an irresistable urge to vomit. Read some for yourself if you have the grit for it. It's very thorough.

Then forward both the cached article and the website to your favorite Conservative MP to let them know that at last you finally understand the roots of their beliefs and are much more comfortable now.

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