Monday, August 20, 2007

Contempt of constitution

Once again, Impolitical grabs onto the mindset of our own "Dear Leader". Whenever Harper is in the presence of Bush he cannot prevent himself from developing a mental vacuum then spitting venom at his own citizens.
Asked about the protests against the summit, Mr. Harper told reporters as he greeted Mr. Bush, "I heard it's nothing," then added. "It's sad.
We should remember that during the next election campaign. George W. Bush's good buddy, Steve Harper, considers an absolute right, guaranteed under the Constitution Act, sad.

Harper would do well to remember that most of the world, referring to standards established in Nuremberg in 1945, considers George W. Bush the perpetrator of an unprovoked war of aggression and the person responsible for a bloodbath in Iraq.

And then:
Mr. Bush is to have separate bilateral meetings with Mr. Harper and Mr. Calderon today before participating at the official dinner with his two colleagues tonight at the storied Chateau Montebello resort, along the banks of the Ottawa River.
One has to ask what Felipe Calderon is doing on the banks of the Ottawa River. His own country is a mere hours away from being torn to ribbons by a natural disaster. Not a surprise event, but one which has been forecast for several days. Staying in Montebello through Tuesday should see the Yucatan thoroughly shredded by the time he returns. If there is any lateral nature to these discussions one would think the president of Mexico would have called for a postponement until after Hurricane Dean had passed through.

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