Thursday, August 23, 2007

The SPP is about... Oh look! A squirrel with a nut!

As Chet points out, there is some transparency in the SPP meetings. Just not the kind you'd expect out of three leaders of so-called democracies.
The SPP is really just about standardizing the size of baby food jars. Actually, it's also about standardizing jelly beans. The other day, I heard an American politician talking on the CBC (can't find a video or transcript), in which he claimed that what was happening at the SPP meeting in Quebec was that Harper, Bush, and Calderon were just getting to know each other, swapping family stories, hanging out.
Getting three national leaders and dozens of CEOs together in conditions of high security to discuss jelly beans and baby food while swapping family stories -- at the same time that a hurricane is bearing down on two of those leaders' countries -- is about the biggest, stupidest waste of time and money I can imagine.
Not to mention that it interrupted Bush's vacation. And we all know how he feels about that!

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