Saturday, March 03, 2012

Talking point: It's Elections Canada's fault

This was almost inevitable.

In today's Ottawa Citizen a letter appeared in which the author suggests that Elections Canada and flawed voting lists are to blame for the entire mess surrounding the misdirection of voters to far distant or non-existent polling places.

So, to clarify that theory a trip to The Sixth Estate identifies the author of the letter, a former Ontario provincial returning officer, as a federal Conservative Party contributor.

Then, we have one from Chris Vander Doelen at the Windsor Star. Now, I don't know Vander Doelen from the drain-plug in a seaboat, but this got my receptors going: (My emphasis)
Some voters, the Opposition says with outrage, were even sent to the wrong polling stations, or to wrong locations with no polling stations!

This is news?

This happens every election. People move, and Elections Canada doesn't know.

Or Elections Canada simply makes a mistake - as they did with my household, which hasn't moved in six elections.

Out of the blue last spring they sent us 25 km out of our way to a non-existent polling station.

We haven't claimed to be the victims of dirty tricks yet, but we might if everyone else who got a bum steer climbs on the bandwagon.
No explanation as to how that misdirection came about, just ... See! It happened to me and I'm OK with it.

Far be it from me to question why a seasoned reporter (and presumably a seasoned voter) would simply accept being sent on a trip to nowhere without thoroughly researching and documenting the reason, but a little history might be in order here.

Vander Doelen did a "drive-by" article on Elizabeth May in January on an event in the Windsor area which he did not bother to attend. He also misled his readers with inaccurate information and some demonstrably sloppy research.

And, for an older talking point, The Ottawa Citizen provides Harper apologist, Michael Taube. Which means it will be repeated in the presence of Ezra Levant or Krista Erickson on Fox News North.


thwap said...

I read about 1/4 of the Michael Taube piece before giving up in disgust.

Something about how the Tories wouldn't sacrifice their good name to steal an election made me realize it was all a complete waste of time.

I remember young Michael Taube's first columns in the 1990s. A more useless, untalented recipient of wingnut welfare would be hard to imagine.

RossK said...

And when Mr. Taube shows up with Mr. Levant, will the wearer of the goat's horns be there as well?