Thursday, March 01, 2012

Conservatives don't do precision ... unless they're working on a voters list

Harper finance minister Jim Flaherty, announced that we will finally be hearing how he plans to manage the nations finances.(Emphasis mine)
The federal budget will be delivered on March 29, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced Wednesday, but it won't contain all the details of the government's planned spending cuts.

All government departments were asked over the last year to find savings amounting to between five and 10 per cent of their budgets, with the ultimate goal of cutting $4 billion in spending annually.

Flaherty told reporters the results of the spending review won't be laid out in detail in the budget.
Why not?

Flaherty can run his own personal finances any way he wants, but he's talking about your money.  Accountants from Beaver Creek to Blackhead are gasping in horror.

For a political party which trumpets themselves as financial and economic wizards, this looks like either a shoddy piece of work or an attempt to paint over rust. A budget full of platitudes is little more than BS. The result is that nobody, (unless you're a member of the Harper elite), can plan anything.

Do you want to be able to plan out your fiscal year for a small business, non-profit, charity or the like? You won't be able to because you'll have no idea where you fit into the financial ministrations of the Flaherty fantasy.

Would you like to plan your retirement finances in detail? You won't be able to because you'll have no idea where you sit and future planning will become impossible.

Harper and Flaherty are going to blind-side you.

They don't do precision. Not for you anyway. But they look after themselves with an obsessive exactitude.

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