Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Harper line shot full of holes.

They work so hard trying to peddle lies that they don't recognize the truth.
Callers on behalf of the federal Conservative Party were instructed in the days before last year’s election to read scripts telling voters that Elections Canada had changed their voting locations, say telephone operators who worked for a Thunder Bay-based call centre.

These weren’t “robo-calls,” as automated pre-recorded voice messages as commonly known. They were live real-time calls made into ridings across Canada, the callers say.
 So, that puts the lie to the 23-year old New Jersey-born lone gunman theory. Grassy knolls everywhere.

You must read Impolitical.


Boris said...

Of course there were scripts. And the scripts would have been created, vetted, and field-tested by the the client and the firm. The calls would have been monitored and possibly recorded for quality control so the $12/hr callers wouldn't deviate from the scripts. Unless they've been deleting hard-drives and shredding paper, there are very likely records and examples of these scripts, contracts, etc sitting out there waiting to be leaked and search-warranted.

Beijing York said...

I'm convinced Campaign Research Inc. was involved in creating the strategy.

RackNine was hired to provide the platform for delivering the recorded calls.

They were the ones responsible for the recent misinformation campaign against Irwin Cotler.