Saturday, February 04, 2012

Who wrote this?

We don’t want to return to the bad old days of the back alley, when a poor vulnerable person who made the mistake of stepping out of line had to be forced into the shadows and have the realities explained to them with a tire iron.

If I told you, Mark Steyn, you probably wouldn't believe me.

But I would be the one who's right.

Steyn, however, is just fine if we return to the bad old days of the back alley, as long as it's occupied by a poor vulnerable pregnant woman forced into the shadows and facing the realities of a coat hanger.


Edstock said...

Mark seems to be getting desperate.

Jim Parrett said...

One of the delights of Komen's so-called backtracking on Komen is that it has driven the right wing further into ridiculous extremism. The National Review calling the resistance to Komen's decision on Planned Parenthood 'gangsterism'. The Wall Street Journal bawls about the new "Big Sister' machine. New York Times blaming the media might be the most laughable of all. They've all gone insane. Doomsday Steyn is just the latest in a long line of extremists fretting about their diminishing voices on the world's stage.

Rev.Paperboy said...

"We" don't want to return to those days, but Mark Steyn would like nothing better than to have muslims, poor people and women shoved into that alley and worked over.