Friday, February 17, 2012

Vikileaks30 thoughts

Jymn at LFR has some stuff up on the Vikileaks30 twitter feed, the one that is sticking lines from Vic Toews divorce files on the interwebs. The posts are apparently sourced to House of Commons IP. 

I'm of two minds on this one. One, the Vikileaks30 type of stuff isn't something I feel comfortable reading. It's a little too tabloid-voyeur for me to take interest in the contents of someone's public marital misery. There's several more people involved in this than Mr. Toews who aren't public figures and have a reasonable expectation of  privacy.

On the other hand, Vic Toews' little bill is just the latest manifestation of the Conservative's war on 60 per cent of country. If they want fear-inducing and invasive warrantless e-snooping, then perhaps it's a little more than unsurprising that some might turn around and pulled their pants down in public instead.


Unknown said...

Small correction - "Conservatives war on 76% of the country.." 40% of a 60% turnout -> 24% of the electorate.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I agree 100 percent. Vikileaks30 isn't something I would have done, but I hardly think it is surprising that someone has done it. As far as it being a dirty trick, well given the tories track record on dirty tricks - some of them like the in-and-out campaign financing that actually broke the very elastic campaign laws - I'll get upset about this one after they start prosecuting the people their party hired to call Irwin Cotler's constituents and lie to them.
All the shit on Toewes was all on the public record and all had been previously published in the mass media. As far as I'm concerned, he who lives by the sword shouldn't go crying foul when someone else pulls a knife on them.