Monday, February 20, 2012

The Vancouver police "heart" Vic Toews

OK... this is rich.
The Vancouver police department announced Monday its support for federal cybercrime legislation that critics say would give police extensive access to information about your activities on the Internet.

Vancouver police Deputy Chief Warren Lemcke, who is also co-chair of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Law Amendments Committee, blamed “misinformation” for a growing wave of protest against Bill C-30, which was introduced in Ottawa last week.

“We believe the new legislation will assist the police with the necessary tools to investigate crimes while balancing, if not strengthening the privacy rights for Canadians through the addition of oversight not currently in place,” Lemcke told a news conference. “It will help law enforcement investigate and apprehend those who are involved in criminal activity while using new technologies to avoid apprehension due to outdated laws and technology.”

“It will allow for timely and consistent access to basic information to assist in investigations of criminal activity and other police duties in serving the public.”

Oh, where to start?

Let's just skip over the Missing Women's Inquiry and go to something a little fresher in everyones' minds.
Fourteen Vancouver police officers and one civilian staff member have been reprimanded for circulating pornography on work computers, the force announced on Thursday morning.
You clowns have nothing of value to add to this debate. Clearly the Vancouver Police and access to computers are something of a problem. 

You want to read someone else's mail? Get off your Timmy's fattened ass and get a warrant. 


Steve said...

The police support unlimited warentless police power, stop the presses.

the regina mom said...

I couldn't believe they'd drag out someone from the VPD! Good lulz and good luck!

Pickton, the billionaire who's a former member of the VPD board and who was convicted for holding a sex worker against her will, the Missing Women's Inquiry, all the bs -- GAH! It's beyond ridiculous!

Of course, the corrupt back up the corrupt. Oh, were I a better photoshopper...

Gloria said...

That's all we need, is giving police an excuse to watch pornography.

Toews should clean up his own backyard first, before he calls us pedophiles.

Internet snooping, is just another form of government control. Harper the Neo-Nazi, is destroying our Canadian Democracy and Freedom. (noted by other country's) Our Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken away from us.

This internet snooping, was likely hashed in one of Harper's, many secret meetings, held behind closed doors with his henchman. Harper needed an excuse to monitor the internet. He absolutely hates being exposed on the web, for his many dastardly deeds.

Harper is just as sneaky as Hitler was...Keep the truth from the citizens, to control the masses. That's what dictators are all about, CONTROL.

Boris said...

Why is a police officer making public politically biased statements?

Canadian Patriot said...

@Boris Here-here! Police are to enforce the laws, not make them!

karen said...

The latest recommendation to come out of the Missing Women's Inquiry is that the police should take more notice of women (of a certain demographic, did they say?) hitchhiking along Highway 16 North.

I don't think that would make me feel any safer.