Sunday, February 26, 2012

What made you do it?

Was it fear of an endless purgatory of minority governments? Did you see your black crusade halted just outside the gates, able to lay siege to the grail-city but lacking the logistics for a sack?

Did your 25 23 year old jihadis go too far? Or was this thievery and deception masterminded? By who? The pale man behind the curtain and a goatee'd git with a phonebank? Some hidden adviser too clever by half? 

There's no recovery now. Your brand is marked. You might escape the gaol because our institutions are inhabited by invertebrates, but in the majority public mind your party is forever stained.

You stole from us. Despite the filth and the lying spin, the power, the greed, and the corruption of our political office holders, our vote still counted. At the end of the day, we were the arbiters. We decided whether you kept your job. That's the grail. You can lie, spin, sell our land and water, tax and spend, whatever, but the great unwritten rule is that you never ever dick with the ballot box.

You did. Burn for it.


Anonymous said...

All parties pull that crap though.

the regina mom said...

Way Way Up, that's a very naive comment, or a very sickeningly spun one.

When was the last time you heard of voter suppression of this kind in Canada? Because I've lived here all my life -- and that's almost 50 years now -- and never have I ever seen such an outright attack on Democracy! It is lower than low and must be punished to the full extent of the law!

Dave said...

Way way up, produce some evidence to support that claim.

the regina mom said...

Dave, since I discovered this commenter I have noticed others elsewhere saying and doing similar things, pooh-poohing voter suppression. It's looking to me like there are Talking Points.

thwap said...

WWU is busy trolling. Lying. Spinning. He even made a futile attempt to leave something up on my blog where he's banned for being too stupid to bother with. He's exposed himself as garbage.

sunsin said...

The odd thing is the sheer stupidity of the comment. If all parties pull that crap, then it means all parties should be in the dock. (Evidence please?) You don't get to defend yourself from charges of theft or murder because other people have committed those crimes as well.

Beijing York said...

Election Fraud aka Voter Fraud via a well organized GOTV misinformation campaign is something very new to Canada. WWU is Way Way Off again.

Niles said...

If all parties pull that crap, the answer is not to shrug and let the party in power keep on pillaging.

The answer is to throw them out of power and possibly into one of the super prisons, and make sure there are teeth in the systems of our society to bite even HARDER at anyone else wanting to pull the same organized crime syndicate crap.

Or we could just pop off and shoot ourselves now, saving the fraudsters the trouble of labeling us terrorists.