Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How do we prevent that from happening here?

Prevent what? We'll get back to that.

I remember taking something of a thrashing for even suggesting that Harper and his coalition of degenerates were the most dangerous group to have ever occupied the precincts of federal government in this country. Not just from right-wingers, whom I dismiss out of hand, but from a colourful bouquet of politically-aware people who refused to believe that the people of this country could be forced down a path which would tear the fabric of this country to shreds.

So, what prompted this?

Well, for one thing, this. And it's only just begun.

What about that title, you ask?

Yes, well consider this: extremist governments, right-wing or otherwise, do not survive in an atmosphere of honesty and transparency. When persuasion and propaganda do not succeed in bringing the masses around to support the extremist view, they resort to other means. In short, they build an apparatus of "laws" and "enforcement" to control and suppress opposition to their ideology and grip on power.

The title?

Someone among the battalions of people now surrounding Harper's hillbilly government, while watching something unfold before the world, saw something terrifying. It was people with access to communications which, even mildly unfettered, gave them power. And, aware that their so-called "majority" would actually collapse if a real majority of people woke up and actually went to the polls, asked the question.

How do we prevent that from happening here?

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900ft Jesus said...

Dave, reading your post gave me chills over the growing nausea I've been carrying in me these last few weeks over this unlawful access assault. These bastards are going to drive the fight to the streets by taking away our ability to communicate peacefully.