Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did the bastards steal the last election?

This is the question on everyone's lips as this thing detonates.

Harper might weasel himself and his government out of a great many scandals, but at some point, something will stick.


RossK said...

And...guess what...'twas the kids and the bloggers in the feverswamps that had the sacrificial 'operative' pegged months and months ago.



Holly Stick said...

Yes indeed, Alison also had things to say about goings on at Guelph and she mentions somewhere that Harper's lawyer was helping Sona out...

Plus this evening, another bit of dirt has come out on potato field Pete and the military:

RossK said...

Thanks Holly had forgotten about that fantastic post from Alison.


Edstock said...

"but at some point, something will stick" — For sure.

If we keep digging, we might find enough to put Stevie and his orcs behind bars.

On this I am reasonably flexible: the bars can either be a prison, or the bars can be minimum-wage outfits like the Keg: Stevie would make a wonderful busboy or dishwasher.

Steve said...

In my area Niagara, I had to use google maps to find the voting place, it was way out of town and could only be reached by car. Very strange for every other election in history the high school has been the voting station.

In answer to your question, stole the majority.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I dunno whether they successfully stole the whole election or not - in Guelph the Liberal candidate still won and I think many of the other ridings had Con incumbents already - but it wasn't for lack of trying.

Gloria said...

Don't forget, Harper campaigned on a Calgary radio station, on election day. We knew about the robocalls months and months ago. If we knew it, so did Harper. Harper also had that many times convicted felon, Bruce Carson working for him too. And golly gee, Harper didn't know about that either. Carson stayed with Harper, until Harper was caught.

Harper should be tried for treason and jailed. He is giving Canada away to China, a Communist country.

That election was cheated, and Harper should be forced to resign.

Remember what Campbell did, when we forgave him, his criminal DUI. He kicked us in the face. Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman. One is just as disgusting as the other.