Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stevie's Paradise . . .

POVERTY MAKES ME ANGRY. Rich people make me angry. But even in spite of Stevie and his marching morons, the spark of human love prevails. It may take decades, but we will repair the Stevie damage to our people.
H/T — Daniel


Gloria said...

The poor soul in the photo, has the unconditional love from his dog. It is obvious, he too loves his dog. Both of them need a place, with a roof over their heads. In Canada, that is too much to ask of Harper. He spent, $1 billion on a stupid fake lake.

Harper is very negligent of our poor. F.N. People have terrible living conditions, all across Canada. Even worse than a third world country.

Since Harper has, had his majority...Canada has steadily gone downhill. Harper permits price gouging. Canadians shop in the U.S...they can save up to 50% by doing so. They can also gas their vehicles up in the U.S. and save mega dollars. Harper refuses to answer. Why? We can only conclude, Harper gets donations, to keep prices high in Canada.

sassy said...

Powerful photo.