Monday, February 27, 2012

Things to energize your outrage (with update)

When Peter MacKay, misuser of RCAF aircraft and abuser of authority, comes out with something like this it bears doing the opposite of what he suggests.
The Conservative Party does not need to look into "robocalls" made during the last federal election any further, Defence Minister Peter MacKay says.

"It's certainly not something our party condones," MacKay said Sunday of the fraudulent calls to voters. "It's inappropriate behaviour to say the least."
Not the keenest dog in the kennel, is he? From the one who lied and sold his party to a bunch of knuckle-draggers this only heightens my desire to look deeper. He overplays little stuff and downplays the big.

Alison, ever persistent, drags out a little more including the highlight of the day: a link to US Republican dirty politics. Things are getting ... oh so, Segretti.

Lawrence Martin catalogues a litany of  Harper party Nixonian performances. This is good lunch-time fare. Don't slurp soup while reading. You'll just end up blowing it out your nose.

Great line of the day comes from Owen at Northern Reflections.
MacKay's claim that there is no need to  further investigate the Robocall affair is akin to saying the coming of Spring is an isolated incident. 
 And, of course, the whole mess is being tabulated by the ever diligent The Sixth Estate. It's an unbelievably comprehensive piece of work. I'm bookmarking that page. I think it's going to continue growing.

A small little update before you sit down with the pudding.  Kady has a list of 95 Conservative riding campaigns who employed RMG. What? You may think that, but I could never comment.

A little viewing to go with dessert.

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