Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Matryoshka colonialism and Stephen Harper

It is announced that the native puppet Stephen Harper is visiting his colonial masters in China in order to further enhance the flow of raw materials from the Canadian colonies. Some observers suspect that this is a cover story and the real reason for the visit is that Harper has been recalled to explain to the Chinese government the problems emerging with their Northern Gateway Pipeline investment.

Some feel that Chinese officials may have difficulty understanding regulatory review processes and the requirement to listen to the voices of restive primitives likely to be impacted by project. China has no such restrictions and relocates millions of people if necessary should a megaproject require it. Indeed, it may puzzle some Chinese officials as to why the prime minister has not used the tools available, as some allies have called for. Too much opposition? That's what the security forces are for

It will be interesting to see if the Harper Regime takes a harder line on the pipeline following this visit to China.

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