Thursday, February 02, 2012

Midwinter's Freditorium . . .

— Fred —

MIDWINTER: AKA GROUNDHOG DAY. Actually, celebrating midwinter happened a long time before some American marketing weenie thought of promoting a rodent. According to thepaganperspective

Midwinter began as a celebration of the returning sun and sometimes a propitiation to assure that same return. Neolithic chambers, such as An Lianh Greine (Cave of the Sun) at New Grange were built to capture the sun’s power, while the Zuni and the Hopi Indians performed sacred dances to guide the returning sun. The temples of Egypt in Karnac, Thebes, and Abydos focused the midwinter sun’s rays into the heart of the pyramid’s chambers. It was also a celebration of the midwinter sun, the birth of the sacrificial god(s) (Mithras, Attis, Osiris, Jesus, etc.) that assured the promise of the ensuing year.

— The Freditorium —
Part of the promise is a return to using the barbecue with the advent of Spring. You see, we have a particularly energetic red squirrel, Fred, who has decided it makes a perfect Freditorium. If there were a Costco for red squirrels, he'd belong. Fred collects stuff, lots of pine cones, leaves, insulation, well, just ponder:

— Fredstuff —

Great little guy, a real gonzo spirit, loves walnuts.


Southern Quebec said...

Spring...when the smell of Fred will be in the air...

Cathie from Canada said...

This is priceless. Love it!