Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheap thrills . . .

HOMELAND SECURITY loves body scanners. According to Jalopnik, that's how the security staff gets their jollies. Erin Gloria Ryan's report, "TSA Agents Singling Out Sexy Women For Multiple Body Scans" is rather disturbing. Travel is enough of a hassle, now, women are being sexually assaulted in the name of "security".

Among the other complaints they found— "I feel I was targeted by the TSA employee to go through the see-you-naked machine because I am a semi-attractive female." and "TSA staff ‘trolling' the lines looking for people to pull out was unprofessional." and "When I looked around, I saw that there were only women that were "told" to go through this machine. There were no men."

Stay home.

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Boris said...

Travellers could write messages to the TSA on the bodies in material that would show up on a body scan. Duct table or something?