Friday, February 03, 2012

Art and politics . . .

— Leo Fender's Stratocaster —

THE ECONOMIST has a fascinating tale of Jackie Shin. Jackie who? Considered to be Korea's Jimi Hendrix , Jackie had to struggle with the demands of the Korean government and when he wouldn't play nice, the fascists made sure Jackie couldn't play at all. Being imprisoned in a mental hospital sure puts a crimp in the recording career . . .

Shin Joong-hyun first learned to play guitar in the 1950s, and soon found a following among the American soldiers stationed here. Jackie Shin, as they knew him, was a master of jazz, rock ’n roll, rhythm-and-blues, and country.
• • •
But as it happens his best music is now seeing renewed interest, four decades after its heyday. A musical featuring his songs is in the works. A night at Gopchang Jeongol—an increasingly cool underground den of vinyl records and rice wine, in the student area of Hongdae—is not complete without the DJ spinning a few old Shin Joong-hyun records. And two years ago Fender, a renowned guitar-maker, gave him his own Custom Shop Tribute Guitar, putting him in an exclusive club of six (other members include Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton).

The recording could be better, but Jackie's got fabulous chops, go to YouTube to see other tracks of his, the dude can really wring out that neck. Nice Strat, too.


islandpapa said...

Great find.
Ya reckon tricky Dicky would have liked to do that to Jimi?

Edstock said...

Or Lennon?