Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Stevie List . . .

USING RED HERRINGS is a key part of the exercise — in this case, kiddie porn. The way Vic Toews has it, Canada's very existence is threatened by countless hordes of deranged males downloading kiddie porn and he's just gotta have access to your e-mail and your browser history, to be sure, whenever he feels the need.

The danger to your civil liberty is clear and present. The danger to truly dangerous people and groups? Not so much, because they know things about the web and computers and routers and networks to be invisible. For them, the web is sort of like a super TOR Anonymity On-Line (which I recommend) for the malevolent. 

The Japanese know a thing or two about fascism. Accordingly it is not a surprise that the CBC reports that 

Canada is the the only country in the G8, aside from Japan, that does not require telecommunications providers to provide a back door for law enforcement to intercept digital communications

Before Stevie, Canada was such a wonderful, free country. We will re-build eventually, and dismantle the fascist add-ons and retire their gauleiters. It appears we can even ask the Japanese for advice, when the time comes.

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Rev.Paperboy said...

Harper and the boys are methodically working their way through the list, ticking all the boxes....