Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Biting back"

The state broadcaster is reporting that Vic Toews has asked the RCMP to look into threats against him.

Whether there is any veracity Minister Toews' claims is up to the pony soldiers to decide, but the thing reeks of spin control. You know, because Toews has just be hauled out and paddled soundly on the bottom for daring to propose that government grant the security forces unwarranted access to your digital communications. Other measures from the minister include distancing himself from the content of the bill, claiming he didn't know how far the legislation went. Better to look massively incompetent than openly tyrannical, I suppose.

But back to the claims of threats.  The Conservative Regime of which Vic Toews, for have failed to sufficiently explain why they want to sniff your digital knickers.

Drunk with themselves, they've also staggered in and threatened to pipe poison to China through other people's homes and homelands for a quick and dirty buck.

This government has taken politics to the level of the personal and threatened anyone in ideological opposition, or who just happen to live in somewhere inconvenient. People are starting to wake up as the Cons vomit their agenda all over the floor.

We're being called enemies of the state, we're being labelled terrorists, we're having our homes, seas, coastlines, private and lawful communications, pensions, and our basic taken-for-granted freedom to live unmolested lives robbed and threatened by who? A pale man with an ice-rage, and his wicked assortment of misanthropes, misogynists, bigots, religious fanatics, the paranoid, liars, thieves, and bitumen-servants. People who couldn't find validation in work anywhere but in a snickering bully politics. It is good and cathartic to mock them, but it is a very serious business.

There's nothing impersonal about what they're doing. It is no surprise that some people acting out of anger, fear and emotion threaten the actual persons torquing this country into something unrecognisable. Indeed, as with any tyrannical government in ascendance, resistance only grows as they amass power and exact their tolls on the subject peoples.

Resistance takes many forms. Pump tar through peoples homelands, and they stand infront of the bulldozers, they will block the roads, they will use the political resources of their provinces and communities to obstruct and delay. Some will stop paying taxes, some will decouple themselves from the state and turn their communities and homes into autonomous living-spaces inasmuch as they can. Many will see the exercise of resistance as giving new meaning and purpose to their lives.

Spy on Canadians' personal computer and internet use without warrant, and people will innovate security measures to hide their activities. Others will respond in kind, and tear open Conservatives' personal lives.

You can't run a control freakshow like the Conservatives without making a lot of internal enemies with a lot of access. Bad stuff is gonna leak.

The assault by this government against Canadians has seeded and fertilised fields of resistance, which break new soil with every move the regime makes. Resistance will come from all quarters, through many means, not all of which will be popular or agreed upon by all allies, legal, or predictable. But all will be ultimately aimed at removing the Conservative government from power.

Because when a government and its ministers threatens people's security of person and place, it forfeits its legitimacy and thereby its rights to its own.

Wheels are turning.

[Title credit via Edstock!]


Gloria said...

Harper is true to his, Northern Foundation Party from back in 1989. They said, the skinheads assisted Harper to organize his shady party.

There were 15 Vancouver police officers, that were watching porn, on the computers at work, on our tax dollars too. That's all we need, is to give police more access to watch porn.

Internet snooping, is all about control. The media is controlled, the judicial system is controlled, police as well.

Canada has become a, fascist dictatorship dung hill, since Harper got his majority.

Harper is giving Canada to China, on a silver platter. BC has long been sold out. China owns our mines. There is freighter after freighter, loaded with our raw logs, going to China. Christy hasn't even bothered to do any reforestation. Harper is permitting China to buy up the tar sands. China is bringing their own people in, to work their tar sands projects, the mines and to work their numerous company's in our country. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. They refuse to pay WCB for injured workers. They refuse to comply with, our laws rules and Canadian work regulations. China pays their people starvation wages. So much for Harper's stupid human rights. China doesn't have any human rights Harper, as if you didn't know.

Harper made a supposed deal, with China. He would protect China's company's in Canada. Harper wants China to protect Canadian company's in China. Seems they are being ripped off, by China's corruption.

Canada was only too happy to exploit China's cheap labor, and the even more cheap, child laborers, who only earn pennies a day. Those greedy traitorous company's, deserve every thing they get. I have not one lick of sympathy for them. And, I doubt China will give a damn either.

Guess who is being exploited now? China owns Harper.

JJ said...

Great post, Boris, and thanks for the shout out. But I must defer to Edstock's creative acumen for the "bite back" concept.

Steve said...

Dont worry, its not your grandfathers police state.