Saturday, February 18, 2012


Connect them.

This dot, then to this dot, then to this dot.

And off in the periphery Vic Toews, under the guise of administering "public safety" has you expecting to believe a great many things which, when held to the light, are unbelievable.

Also too, he's claiming he wasn't aware of the provisions of section 17 of Bill C-30. And now he's making himself out to be a victim.

We touch the side of our nose.


West End Bob said...

The other night, while I was reading my favourite poet, William Butler Yeats, I came across these lines:

'Yet they that know all things but know That all this life can give us is A child's laughter, a woman's kiss.''

No words could ever describe my love for my young son and my spouse any better. What a fortunate man I am to have them in my life.

Gag me with a f_ckin' spoon.

Is he following the newt gingrich path of multiple marriages to Morality Man or what ? ? ? ?

Boris said...

This is fucking rich.

Steve said...

Shirley you cant be suggesting the government would use this legislation to silence critics, accusing greenpeace of having carnal relationships with underaged trees.