Friday, February 10, 2012

CKNW was never on the ballot

BC Premier Christy Clark needs to be sat down by the Lieutenant-Governor and lectured on the propriety of leaving this bit floating about.
"In place of a formal Throne Speech, the Premier will be appearing on CKNW’s Bill Good Show to outline the government’s agenda for the spring session," said an email to press gallery members from Clark's deputy press secretary and communications officer Rebecca Scott.
So ... the Gordon Campbell model of selling off everything to corporate interests has now penetrated the offices of government, 100 percent of which are funded by provincial taxpayers.

The people who elect the members of the legislative assembly which will either support or demand the end of any given government regime have the right to know what the government's agenda is, in formal terms, and then have it debated in an open session of the legislature.

To do less, and this dangerous idea is much less than the people of the province deserve, is to violate the privilege of power granted by electors and hand it over to unelected corporate insiders. It is no less corruption and an abuse of power than to deny an elector access to a ballot box.

To answer The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie, no, Bill Good will not be the next lieutenant-governor. He will remain a flack for the Clark/Campbell "thing". Some people would call it a government, but they're dropping that distinction faster than a BC Liberal smart phone can speed-dial Keith Baldry.

It's time the Honourable Steven L. Point, OBC, exercises the reserve powers of his office and forces Christy Clark to meet the obligations of her office.

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West End Bob said...

Business as usual, huh, Cap'n ? ? ? ?

Dave said...

'Fraid so, Bob. Makes me want to gag.