Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sound advice . . .

BIG VICTOR IS A BIG TARGET — and so is Stevie. Get to know your local Con — you never know when a citizen's arrest might save your Canada from Con Fascism.

Be prepared: give them enough time and they will violate your Constitutional rights. It's nothing personal, with the Cons: a snake is a snake is a snake, and snakes gotta bite, except when they're constrictors. Think of citizen's arrest as the political science equivalent of Participaction, or simply, vermin control for physically-active patriots.

Is BIG VICTOR a biter or a constrictor? Is Stevie a biter or a constrictor? Can we bite back?

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Gloria said...

Big Victor, is just another one of Harper's fanatic henchmen. I see this as an excuse to slander and blame the NDP. Neither the NDP nor the Liberals, would ever sink to Harper's level. Harper and his Conservative henchmen, always stay beneath the contempt line.

Harper is the one who, is desperately wanting the internet controlled. He hates his dirty deeds, being posted on the web. He now has secret meetings behind closed doors. Dictators are always paranoid, of their disgrace, getting to the public's ears. They have to control absolutely everything, they don't feel safe, unless they do. That's why Harper is grabbing control of everything he can lay his hands on. Hitler did the exact same thing. So did Stalin and Mussolini. Complete control was an absolute must for them too.

Harper also uses threat, to keep Control. He threatened T.I.D.E. If they said anything adverse about global warming, climate change, or say anything about the tar sands, they would find their budget cut to the bone.

Under all this crap going on in our Country, sits Harper.