Monday, April 02, 2012

Following the crumbs

Back here I told the story of a frustrating bit of research where I ended up finding a small bouquet of strange connections between the Harper Conservatives and the BC Liberal party of Christy Clark. The problem was, I felt there had to be something more or, at the very least, something substantive. 

The other problem is that connections like this don't exist in a vacuum. There had to be some form of political courtship and there had to be an event when it all came together.

I was pretty much knackered at that point but thought that rather than just leave it dangling I should offer up the connections I had and see if the finest people in the world, our readers, could see something significant. Cookies were offered. 

Now, rather than give the entire synopsis, I'll link to the connections that were found in the order they were gathered. You go to each one because they each have extensive research for you to gather in.

First to jump into the swamp was RossK, our inimitable Gazetteer. Assisted by one of the only people who can dig a cockroach out of a database full of rats, North Van Grumps, he came up with a new name: Nina Chiarelli.

Next to wade into the illustrious pond of castor canadensis was the most excellent Alison, who, being something of a beach watcher in her own right, gave us a newer arrival: Dimitri Pantazopoulos. She also makes the point that Ken Boessenkool was a lobbyist for Enbridge ... our Northern Gateway crowd.

Once again NVG pulls some files from his wicked archive and RossK  finds another angle that cannot be ignored.  

Beijing York, in the comments section waved an idea around. Were the Harperites infiltrating beyond their precincts? 

It turns out our intrepid BY had something. We found Harperite connections in the Ontario PCs, the Alberta Wild Rose party and, (it should go without saying), spilling over a chair in the Toronto mayor's office. 

So ... what else?

Well, there is just what we've got. Alison's connection is significant. Pantazopoulos appeared to be on the public payroll on 4 April 2011, after working on Christy Clark's leadership bid. And, as RossK points out there was public knowledge of Pantazopoulos' hiring on 17 March 2011, just 3 days after Christy Clark was sworn in as Gordon Campbell's replacement. 


Add this. Harper's operatives were here during the BC Liberal leadership campaign, as we have already seen. 

Were they here by request? Were they here to secure an HST friendly premier, no matter what he or she looked like? 

Gordon Campbell was squeezed out by his own caucus over the plummeting fortunes of the BC Liberals over the HST. To this day, you would have to root deep into a badger hole to find anybody who doesn't believe that Campbell and his cabal didn't have the whole idea planned before the 2009 provincial election. And an FOI request proved it

Campbell was in the Harper boat.

Did Gordon Campbell drop a Harper bomb on BC?


RossK said...


Was that last question meant to be rhetorical?

Dave said...

Not at all. I think we've been left a steaming monument by Herr Campbell. He left in a bad mood and he isn't taken to playing nice.

Question is ... can we find it?

Boris said...

At this point it's probably worth looking into every other political power centre in the country for Harper operatives. Major city governments, key provincial/Territorial governments, key federal departments, key corporations. Places they'd want to control for reasons of natural resources or political expediency.

RossK said...


Release the hounds....

And let the hunt begin!


ThinkingManNeil said...

These bastards truly are an infestation. Treasonous, duplicitous, conniving, fascistic ratbastards -- every last one...

Steve said...

Its sick, a hive mind infecting Canada.

Holly Stick said...

No idea if it's relevant, but for the 2006 federal election Rob Anders was missing from his riding and campaigned in BC for Derek Ziesman, who apparently was expected to win until he was charged with smuggling liquor from the US. The Conservatives dumped him and he lost to the NDP's Alex Atamanenko. Jan 12, 2006 entry

I don't see much about Zeisman since, don't know if he's involved with the Conservatives any more.

meadowlark said...

Harper is a neo-Nazi Reformer, from his Northern Foundation Party of 1989. They said, the skinheads helped to organize that more than shady party.

The so called Harper's Conservatives, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives, are all one and the same.

Henchman Campbell, the so called BC Liberal works for the supposed Conservative Herr Harper. Henchman Boessenkoll a supposed Conservative, works for the so called BC Liberals. Van Dongen a so called BC Liberal, crossed the floor to the BC Conservatives.

I believe all of them are of, Harper's Northern Foundation Party.

Do I think Harper is behind the election fraud and the robo-calls? You bet I do. Harper and Campbell, wrote the book on dirty tactics, dirty politics. Harper is just as hateful as Hitler.

Beijing York said...

Thanks for the kudos, Dave. I wish I could do more heavy lifting in getting to the bottom of this but RL is taking its toll.

I think Thinking Man Neil's analogy is spot on. Harper's gang are political bed bugs that will require extreme measures and unfortunately some time to fumigate.

But having experienced the hell that is bed bugs, I can tell you that the determination to get rid of them is fierce, and the conviction to ensure they never invade again is even stronger.