Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Zaccardelli, Zaccardelli , All We Hear is Zaccardelli

I've been thinking back on the Income Trust Leak investigation initiated by RCMP Commissioner Guiliano Zaccardelli back on December 28, 2005 that helped tip the balance of the election toward the Harper Conservatives. I also recall the connivance of the NDP with the instigation of the investigation. I further recall that there's been nothing announced as to the results of that investigation.

Fast forward to today:

Today we have Zaccardelli back tracking all over the map regarding what he may or may not have known about the false information on Maher Arar that was given to US authorities who then rendered Mr. Arar to Syria to be tortured. Zaccardelli gave us one story in September and today he's hawking exactly the opposite story.


This means it's now established that Zaccardelli feels no compunction about stating as certainties things he really doesn't know at all.

Which brings my attention back to the supposed investigation launched during an election campaign.

He was certain this investigation was not only needed but needed right then, during an election campaign.

This was during the same time period that he was supposedly ignorant, wilfully or incompetently, of the facts surrounding the Arar case. Yet he wants us to believe he was all up to speed and in the know about why he had to investigate Goodale's office.

Which has led to no announcements whatever. At least that I can track down. Certainly it's led to no charges.

And it certainly hasn't led to any Canadian citizens being deported and rendered to Syria to be tortured.

Zaccardelli is looking like a stalking horse for the Harper government in all this.

What's the highest award the government can give him?

Just my opinion.

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