Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday random rumour

Rumour has it that the button on Mark Steyn's stomach may soon need to be replaced due to wear and tear. The speculation is that Steyn's appearance on O'Reilly's septic tank last night was actually a modified talking action figure which, with a limited supply of phraseology, repeated all the same old BS we've been hearing from Steyn for all too long. It was even programmed to say, "treason".

Why shouldn't Steyn make a personal appearance?

Well, given the directly aimed shots he took at the Associated Press and an assessment that the press is not reporting the "real" story from Iraq, (because they're hunkered down in the Green Zone), suggests that Steyn is actually, y'know... in Iraq!

Credit where credit is due: Steyn wrote a wonderful travelogue for the Telegraph 3 1/2 years ago expounding the virtues of vacationland Iraq from a personal perspective. His assessment was so on the mark, pooh-pooing any chance of an insurgency, that it was impossible not to take notice. The Telegraph dropped his column last March for... unexplained reasons.

Wherever you are Mark, try not to step in anything. In Chicago it's hard to get off your shoe; In Baghdad it's hard to find the pieces of your leg.

Update: TBogg has a good idea. (He usually does). While there, check out the Bassets. (NSFW)

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