Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stockwell Day. Idiot. Homophobe. Racist. Liar.

I know it's close to Christmas and it is winter solstice but I'm afraid you need to see what the federal minister of Public Safety is saying in his weekly column. Stockwell Day, MP for Okanagan Coquihalla, has attempted humour... again. And again, he did little more than prove himself a complete idiot. (All emphasis mine)
We passed bills establishing the first ever First Nations Education Act.
Horseshit. Read this.
We also finally passed (the toughest in history) Accountability Act which will lead to the cleanest and most accountable government operations ever. (No more ‘sponsorship’ scandals)
No... you'll have your own.
We brought in tough laws on street racing and measures to deal with money laundering and proceeds of crime.
And spoke into your lapels every time somebody asked you about Patient Wait Time Guarantees.
The Softwood Lumber Agreement was finalized, bringing us seven years of stability and returning $5 billion to Canada’s industry which had been taken by U.S. interests.
Ummm... that certainly doesn't sound accurate. Oh yeah, I see now. Stockwell didn't bother to read Article XVI of the Softwood Lumber Agreement. There's that niggling $1 billion dollars that was just, y'know, given away.
The real show stopper in the eyes of many though, was the Prime Minister’s bill to usher in a whole new era of democratic reality with his plan to have the citizens of each province, elect their choice for senators. This was historic.
You know, I'd agree with that if it weren't for the fact that it's smoke and mirrors. Proper senate reform involves a constitutional amendment and a regional parity formula. Since the Senate remains substantially the same, this is chicken-feed.
Aaaaanyway, it appears that local libs now send bits and pieces of my local columns to their favourite spear-chuckers down east who are quick to unleash a volley of indignation, which makes for good fodder back here at home.
Ahem! Spear-chucker?!! That, Mr. Day, is a racist epithet, which makes you a racist motherfucker.
And, bonus, seems that Maclean’s mag was so enthralled as they scanned my past columns that they are going to publish a whole page of my lighthearted quotes on a host of topics.
Allow me...
"Just as Lake Erie drains from north to south, there is an ongoing drain in terms of our young people but hardworking people -- entrepreneurs, job creators, research people -- who continue to move foward..."
Lake Erie drains from south to north.
"Homosexuality is a choice, in my view."

"Women who become pregnant through rape or incest should not qualify for government-funded abortions unless their pregnancy is life-threatening."

"Homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be cured through counselling."

"God's law is clear: standards of education are not set by government, but by God, the Bible, the home and the school."
You can check out more of them here.
In the meantime we'll feel free to label Stockwell a racist, homophobic, bible-thumping, misogynist, jackass.

BONUS: A "must read" is Darren's post at apply-liberally wherein he raises a salient point and tosses one right into Kate McMillan's face.

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