Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Poll? What poll? Pass the turkey! And give that soldier another MRE*

By the time George W Bush and his family, with whom he is undoubtedly spending Christmas, have taken a well-earned rest after dealing with the rigours of war, support for the moron's adventure in Iraq should have collapsed to near zero.

Support for President Bush's management of the Iraq war has dropped to an all-time low even as his overall approval remains tepid but steady, according to a CNN poll released Monday.
And a record 70 percent of respondents said they disapproved of Bush's war management, up from 64 percent in the October poll.
The next part of the report makes one wonder if the writers at CNN have any grasp at all of arithmetic.

Though 67 percent of those polled oppose the war in Iraq, only 54 percent said the U.S. should withdraw its troops immediately or within the next year, the poll states.
Asked if they thought victory in Iraq was possible, 48 percent said yes and 50 percent said no. Half of those polled said a stalemate was the most likely outcome of the war.
Only 54 percent?! Even with the margin of error that is still a majority.

Don't rush George, fer chrissakes. Have another mouthful of stuffed turkey breasts with winter mushrooms, cheese and brandied cranberries. There's no hurry. After all, what's another few hundred dead Iraqis and and a dozen or so dead American soldiers. As long as the party faithful still get a creamy crotch when the personalized invitations to dinner at the "people's house" arrive in time to gather for the feast.

You never know if you're going to get an invitation until it comes. And this year, with the president so preoccupied with the Iraq war and there being a certain testiness shall I say between the press and the administration, I wasn't sure the first family would be so keen to have us over. But the buff colored envelope with the gold White House return address did show up in my mailbox.
I'm so happy for her. Really, I am. I can't imagine the suffering she would have endured had that buff colored envelope not arrived. (May the contents of an AK-47 magazine invade her asshole at point-blank range.)

So, please, don't rush, George. You are, after all, the fucking Decider... see.

And, should Canadians try presume too smug a position, be reminded that the smarmy little gutter-snipe playing at prime minister and his pet religious puppy would have had us in exactly the same place and would have demonstrated exactly the same level of competence.

Worst. US. President. Ever.

*MRE = Meal Ready-To-Eat. Sometimes referred to as "The Three Lies". (It's not a meal, it's not ready and you can't eat it.)

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