Friday, December 29, 2006

Confession Time

Let me see if I can say this straight.

I no longer care what happens to US service people and private contractors in Iraq.

Of course in that I'm not alone. Most of the US media and what seems like a pretty significant percentage of the US population doesn't appear to pay much attention or much care either.

I find I have as much empathy for US soldiers in Iraq as I might have had for Wehrmacht soldiers in France or Belgium.

That makes me a bad person I know. I'm supposed to root for the white people, the english speaking people, the westerners, the christians.

What's more, and this is far worse, I'm now silently rooting for the Iraqis to wrest their country back from the invading crusaders by whatever means they can. I'm hoping they find a new Saladin or even if all else fails a new Lawrence.

I'm a damned apostate.

Now I have to get to work defending Canada's participation in Afghanistan.

Because, after all, that's different.

It is isn't it?

We're not there to "kill their leaders and convert them to christianity" in Ann Coulter's deathless phrase.

We're just there to convince them or maybe force them to be more like us. Or failing that to kill them.

And that's an important distinction.

I guess I should spend the rest of my life in jail.

Or maybe be shot at sunrise.



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