Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day random rumours

Yes, it's Boxing Day. Our US visitors might find that a little odd, but yes, in Canada, we have the unbelievable panache to execute a statutory holiday on the day after Christmas. Of course, Boxing Day is observed in many countries of the British Commonwealth but Canada's observance does have a unique twist. In some market sectors of the Canadian economy, the day is turned into a weeklong celebration. (Prices in Canadian dollars!) We also have universal health care. I know, I know, our income taxes are higher, but even at that, in the long run we pay a lot less than this. (Poor old John, having passed his salad years, is now paying $10,284.00 in annual health care premiums. $12,000.00 Canadian.)


CFSR asks a question which came up here after I read the report. Curious. Very curious. Soon we will hear that over Christmas, only the Conservatives supported the troops. CFSR asks some valid questions. And, if the invitation to visit the troops in Afghanistan was not extended to every member of parliament with constituents in the fighting, is the Conservative Party of Canada paying for the trip or are we being hung with the bill?


Conservative Truths lays out another statistic which the Bush administration is ignoring. Too busy with a mouthful of grub, I guess. Of course, you could never tell from media reports like this. They call it "working through the holidays". We have a different name for it.

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