Monday, December 11, 2006

"Doris" is Back to Haunt Your Monday

Stockwell Day has demonstrated for all to see just how the Harper government sees the issue of global warming.

In a piece published on December 6, in the Penticton Western News he opens with the following tidbit for our delectation and amusement.

"Hey who knows, maybe Al Gore is right.

Maybe all my constituents living high up on the West Bench, or Lakeview Heights, or the hills of Logan Lake will soon be sitting on lakeside property as one of the many benefits of global warming."

He goes on from there to make an even bigger fool of himself prattling on and being either straight out wrong or misleading about virtually everything he mentions. Read it all and weep for Canada.

Fortunately a few days later, on December 10, Wolf Depner one of the paper's reporters takes him to task for the whole thing.

"A column which appeared in Wednesday’s Western News from local MP Stockwell Day is a stunning combination of inappropriate jokes and scientific inaccuracies which reveal the true Conservative attitudes about climate change.

Only a portion of the column actually tries to spin readers into believing global warming is just nothing more than a piece of science fiction peddled by former U.S. vice-president Al Gore.

Day also tries to turn his boss Stephen Harper into the patron saint of people living with HIV/AIDS and a friend of Mexican democracy. "

This asshat is a Minister of the Crown in a government of asshats although he is certainly the first to wear the buttcrack fedora on their behalf.

His yahoo encyclopedia entry notes that the jobs he held before entering Alberta politics were "auctioneer, deckhand, lumberjack, contractor, Christian educator, and evangelical lay pastor".

His wikipedia entry notes that "He attended the University of Victoria and Vanguard College, then known as Northwest Bible College, in Edmonton, Alberta, but did not graduate from either."

And an entry in IMDb of all places notes his reassuring pre-Enlightenment wisdom.

"From 1979-85, Day was administrator of the Bentley Christian Training Centre, an independent school of 100 students and six teachers run by the Bentley Christian Centre, a fundamentalist Pentecostal church, 25 kilometres northwest of Red Deer. The Bentley Christian School taught the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. The ACE program was American-based and was rooted in a literal interpretation of the Bible. It taught creationism over evolution, for example. A 1985 government audit of the general curriculum concluded ACE students were rarely called upon to be creative, original or critical. The auditors were concerned the program created 'a degree of insensitivity towards blacks, Jews and natives.' In newspaper articles at the time, Day vigorously denied the curriculum was bigoted in any way. 'God's law is clear,' an angry Day told Alberta Report in 1984. 'Standards of education are not set by government, but by God, the Bible, the home and the school.' Day refused in an interview recently to say if he still believes that."

Someone recently said that Mercer's old petition to get him to change his name should be revived.

I say yes. But this time let's make it "Pastor Doris".

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