Monday, December 04, 2006

NDP Irrelevance and Buffoonery

Earlier today I saw some dim bulb named Churley from the NDP trying to defend Smilin' Jack against some perceived scurrilous charges of political opportunism. No one actually said as much but I think she must have been so prepared for it that she heard it anyway.

She ranted on for a moment about Liberals this and Dion that; 10 years of inaction on this file or 12 on that file and then for reasons related to delusional madness decided to settle on childcare as the petard by which she chose to be hoist.

From the look on her face after less than a few seconds I think she must have realized her error.

It was her party's choice to cooperate with Smirkin' Steve and bring down the last Liberal government before they'd had a chance to finally make good on the childcare file. But for Smilin' Jack and the NDP the national childcare legislation could have been negotiated with every province and have passed into law right across the land including in the legislatures of every province and territory. Which would have left Smirkin' Steve with 13 very unpopular and untenable choices instead of one relatively straightforward one.

The NDP, of which I was once a member, deserves to be soundly spanked for their contrivance with what is beyond any doubt the most, perhaps only, extreme right wing government Canada has ever seen.

And there appears to be more to come.

This same dim Churley bulb decided to emphasize that Smilin' Jack and Smirkin' Steve were looking forward to working together on the environmental file.

After a bit of stunned time had passed she decided she might also mention that they would be working together, still eagerly no doubt, even though the positions of the two parties are, in her brilliantly chosen words, "far apart".

Can these children not find another playground? Antiquated Luddite Harlequinos. They're not funny anymore. I think they may be so bewildered, dazed and confused that they would support Smirkin' Steve's constitutional gambit to make future national social programs impossible.

Hell will freeze over, thaw, re-freeze and get an NHL franchise called the Bells before they'll ever achieve a respectable percentage of the vote.

Or regain mine.

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