Tuesday, December 26, 2006

From one intern to another...

This column by Libby Copeland is just a little amazing. Understandably, the feminist blogosphere is incensed.

Copeland blew it, (no pun intended). OK, there's a small one in there, but fer chrissakes, is Copeland so dumb that she immediately buys into the belief that because an individual expresses sexuality that they are just as brain-dead?

There are moments that make you question your fundamental assumptions about the world. One of them took place a few days ago, when news emerged that Monica Lewinsky had just graduated from the London School of Economics.

She did not!!

Lewinsky, 33, is known more for her audacious coquetry than for her intellectual heft, and the notion of her earning a master of science degree in social psychology at the prestigious London university is jarring, akin to finding a rip in the time-space continuum, or discovering that Kim Jong Il is a natural blond.
Really?!! It didn't take long to get a reaction and, I'm pretty confident, it isn't the one Copeland really wanted.

From Feministe:

Reporter surprised that a woman’s brains do not leak out during a blowjob
And from Feministing:

You know, cause she sucked dick. Which clearly is a mark of the intellectually impaired.
But my favourite comes from Amanda at Pandagon:

While Copeland is goggling at the idea that a woman could both know how to suck a dick and how to write a paper, I’m goggling at how Copeland just managed to advertise her categorical rejection of fellatio and possibly of flirtaciousness to every straight man reading the Washington Post.
I don't suppose it would make much of a difference to point out that while this was happening, Copeland was an intern at the Washington Post. And, you can't help but wonder if there isn't a hint of jealosy in Copeland's column. Lewinsky - London School of Economics; Copeland - University of East Anglia.

I wonder... if Copeland's sex life or even some youthful indiscretions had been made public back then if she'd have a byline in anything but a community weekly?

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