Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday morning random rumours

Man, you have to wonder about the algorithims the Yahoo! search engine is using. Yesterday our traffic spiked for a while as a result of one particular search on Yahoo! Honestly people: we don't have Britney's beaver shots.

We're not going to get them either. Personally, it doesn't matter to me. Britney can wear as much or as little as she wants. But, if you're interested in whether it's all a myth or not, well, Fox News has the story! Rumour has it that she's giving singing lessons to Paris Hilton - or vice versa.

For the thousands of you who are drooling over the idea of getting a look at Britney's pudenda, consider using Google. That might get your search narrowed down a bit.


You have to wonder about a politician who does this. Rumour has it that Mike has a full-time staff member carrying a mirror to allow that last minute "dress check" before making public appearances. Harvard, you say. Interesting.


The US Citizenship and Immigration Service has a new exam for those seeking to become naturalized US citizens. You need, (get ready), 60 percent to pass and you only get 10 questions. Yes, there are do-overs. Study, George, study. You only need a C average.


Today is the final voting day for The 2006 Canadian Blog Awards. We're asking for your vote in the Best Group Blog category. Actually, we're begging. The snivelling, grovelling swine you see rolling on the ground in front of you is me.


If anyone has any blogs that aren't getting enough attention, or stories that are falling by the wayside, how about you put them up in comments.

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