Thursday, December 14, 2006

What's missing here?

Bush's "listening tour" and an otherwise "deliberate" delay in announcing changes to the fiasco he's created in Iraq is getting up peoples' noses.

The claims of calm deliberation emerging from the White House this week are maddening. The search for a new plan for Iraq seems to be taking place with as much urgency as the deliberations over a new color for the dollar bill.
This is difficult stuff, you know. After all, Bush just discovered that Iraq is, you know, a quagmire.

We are more than eager for this White House to finally get something right on Iraq. But we find it chilling to imagine that Mr. Bush and his advisers have only now begun a full policy review, months after Iraq plunged into civil war and years after experts began warning that the administration’s strategy was not working.
Indeed. And while the Bush administration navel gazes and kicks at the dirt trying to decide how to spin this disaster some people have done some simple arithmetic and come up with just one bit of the human cost for every day Bush ponders his next photo op.

To sit and do nothing is to deliberately commit more Iraqis and more US troops to certain death. That's right - deliberately. Neglect prejudice to proper leadership and diligence.

He's doing it again. This is a Bush trait. When the going gets tough, when the decisions actually have to be made, he retreats into whatever delirium is swirling in that empty head. After this demonstration there should have been no question that George W Bush was no leader. He was the absolutely wrong person to have in charge during a crisis and still is.

Remember this? Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?

So... what rhymes with "W"... or Bush... or intransigent moron?

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