Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Union of Concerned Scientists points a finger at, you guessed it, the Bush administration!

The Integrity of Science Statement, first released by the Union of Concerned Scientists in the US started fairly small in February 2004. It's grown a little. At the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union the UCS produced a document which now holds the signatures of 10,600 scientists.

It's point?

The Bush administration is interfering with and censoring scientific data for political purposes. That's not news to most of us, but what is new is the way the UCS is presenting it. They have created several different ways to quickly view the events and occasions on which the current US administration has censored, altered or turned away from scientific data.

The UCS has documented scientific abuses on a timeline, an alphabetical list, by issue area and, in a novel new presentation, a periodic table. When you get to the timeline or the periodic table run your cursor over each item to see the summary of that event. Click on that event and you will be taken to the details.

Click on table to the left to activate UCS periodic table.

This may all be for naught since Bush doesn't do science, he's gone to Crawford for a rest and a rum eggnog and, he simply won't be rushed.

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