Monday, December 04, 2006

Canada Has Lost it's Mind

I was just mucking about over to the CBC website and was reading Tony Burman's Letter's From the Editor in Chief blog sort of thing. His newest instalment is entitled "Let the battle over issues begin".

I've posted over there before and I thought I would this time, on this subject, too.

I ruminated as to how we have one party that appears to want to move us toward becoming more politically similar to a republic than a parliamentary democracy or a constitutional monarchy. They appear to want to re-impose a kind of mid-fifties, top down, rigid morality based on white man's churchanity. They want the federal government's powers to affect citizens lives only when the federal government declares war or wants more taxes.

Then we have another party that wants to...well, they're not as clear on what they want to do as they are on what they find appalling and shocking. They say they want to protect medicare in a tone that implies apple pie issues are somehow off the radar of all the other parties. They say they want to...that they will...shit, it was all so clear to me when I was a member, it's amazing I can't pull it out of my ass just now.

Than we have a party that just wants us all to go away, or they want to go away from us, but they still want to be able to say they're part of us and have the passport and the currency...this is even harder because I have to pull it out of someone else's ass.

And then we have a party that's governed us for almost the entire history of the country, is responsible for virtually everything that makes us love living here and being able to proudly say we're from here when we travel and has played the biggest part in creating the international image that makes people from all over the planet think that this would be a great place to emigrate to.

So what do we do?

We debate the merits.

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