Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mrs. Mills on "pet" photography

Of all the odd problems Mrs. Mills has had to deal with, this one could be a little delicate:

Could you use your influence to persuade the Style editor to bring back the pets page, We’re So in Love? I had been grooming my pussy for months. I even bought a better digital camera so I could take my own photo. I had planned an artistic pose on carefully rumpled pink nylon satin-effect sheets, artistically lit with my Anglepoise. So imagine my disappointment when this section of Style disappeared. Would it help if I took a photograph and sent it in anyway?

Apparently, the Style editor is unmoved and the "pets" page won't be returning. But, Mrs. Mills has a work around.

The pets page will not be reappearing, but Mr Mills says send the picture in anyway, as apparently he knows of several specialist magazines that might be interested in publishing it.
Hey. It's the Times. You can read the rest of Mrs. Mills' advice here.

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