Friday, December 29, 2006

Nothing to see here. Just your run-of-the-mill arms buildup.

China has the largest army in the world, and they have never been too forthcoming as to its expansion. This announcement should be of some concern.

China said Friday it will strengthen its military to thwart any attempt by Taiwan to push for independence, but vowed that it was committed to the peaceful development of the world's largest army.
A report issued by the State Council, China's cabinet, also said the country's defence policy will focus on protecting its borders and sea space, cracking down on terrorism and modernizing its weapons.
"China will not engage in any arms race or pose a military threat to any other country," the 91-page white paper said.
Really? They didn't really identify their "sea space". And, as for not posing a military threat to any other country, one would have to question this.

And more from the CBC report:

China has announced double-digit military spending increases nearly every year since the early 1990s, causing unease among its neighbours.
But despite its huge size, its forces are said to lag well behind those of other major countries. In recent years, leaders have focused on improved training and advanced technology, hoping to close that gap.
"This increase … is compensatory in nature, and is designed to enhance the originally weak defence foundation," the white paper said. "It is a moderate increase in step with China's national economic development."
Lag behind or not, why is it that when a burgeoning military power makes the statement that they are not engaged in an arms race, it turns into an arms race?

And then there is an old adage: Those who build a massive military machine will eventually use it.

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