Monday, November 22, 2010

Conservative Armed Forces...F-35

Impolitical is the must read in reference to David Pugilese's latest.

The Conservatives first abandon the rigorous process of competitive aircraft selection and the rationale for such and decide the sometimes stealth, delay and cost wracked bomb-truck is exactly what we need to zip around over Beaufort with. Then they send holders of the Queen's Commission to parade and trumpet the Conservative decision to specially selected F-35 Fan Clubs around the country.

What next? Will the Harper government be sending military officers out to 'sell' their next little hobby war to the public?

Do we have officers left in this country who are willing to resign on principle?

When does this end?


The Mound of Sound said...

Hillier certainly was imbued with celebrity status to sell a gullible Canadian public on his Afghan lark so I guess the answer is "of course." And, as for officers resigning, the answer is "no." The mediocre cling to their jobs especially when they know they're losing at home and in the field.

I have been trying to figure out the F-35 and can only conclude it's a penetration bomber. It gives up so much in performance and cost to achieve such finite and probably fleeting advantages that to pretend it offers the air defence/ground support versatility of even the F-18 is ridiculous.

Dave said...

The F-35 IS a penetration fighter bomber. Even the US says so. What you have to look at is the mix of the US air fleet and see how and where it is deployed. The F-35 is NOT an air defence platform in their formula.