Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Conservative Lawnorder

Here's one of Stephen Harper's trusted advisers opining on the wikileaks story, take it away Flanagan...

Hey Ezra, here's you're tough on crime, law & order gang at work. Counseling to commit murder, a political adviser to the Prime Minister condoning politically motivated assassination. Douchebag.

Hat tip: Matthew Gregory from politcsandprofit.com


Greg Fingas said...

Wait, you think Ezra is against gratuitous state-based killing? Not so much.

Lindsay Stewart said...

Nah, I imagine Exra has no trouble clapping his little flippers over state sanctioned killing. But he got retweeted into my feed yawping about somebody who asked why no one had punched Exra in the face. He was very sanctimoniously braying that there was the "peace" movement. So, I figured hell, if the poor media dumpling wants to point fingers and cast aspersions there's always another side to a coin.

Good read in that article by the way.

Dana said...

He joins O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee in that.

And it's probably going to happen.

Obama certainly won't be making noises against it. Very nearly as bad as Bush, all in all.

Clinton should be persona non grata at the UN and most world capitols.

Nitangae said...

The big joke about this all is that these were all documents which could be accessed by a good three million people, since low-level soldiers could access them.

In other words, Iran already knew that the King of Saudi Arabia wanted the US to bomb Iran, unless Iranian spies are really really stupid.

And I am touched by Flanegan's concern for the poor king of Saudi Arabia.

Boris said...

Dana, it's not hard to imagine that Mr. Assange has a nuclear "in the event of my death or disappearance" option of distributing other much more dangerous documents. I don't know that they'll kill him, but they'll do their best to shut him up.

It thus bears repeating that Julian Assange is not Wikileaks. He's just the guy that started it. He has staff, and the concept of his Wikileaks is easy to mimic. Removing him does not make Wikileaks or copycat groups from emerging.

Anonymous said...

"I'm feeling manly tonight." Twat, useless cowardly, chickenhawk twat.
The smiles of the other panelists speaks volumes too.
So the messanger is to blame because of the lies and the lying liars who tell them. Or the total lack of security that the idiots in the world's last superpower think is reasonable.

Dave said...

'Nother American right-wing import with a profound hatred of democracy.

I believe he alluded to doing the same thing with the North American aboriginal population.

Fucking twat.

Holly Stick said...

The weasel has backtracked and says it was a joke. Walrus has more about him: