Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gimme some of those ole fashioned numbers

I've been following the dissertations of a near-journalist-scorned over at Big City Lib where he directs us to Donna Laframboise's latest offering on the demise of Fox News North and her whining about how objection to it finally led to that effort's failure to achieve a rare class 1 cable license.

I never really paid much attention to her in the past. Her claim to fame, or whatever it is she has a claim to, is cherry-picking bits of information in an effort to prove there is no consensus amongst scientists on global climate change. In scientific circles she garners a great deal of laughter.

Her initial offerings slammed Quebecor and Kory Teneycke for, as M.J. calls it, seducing and abandoning her. Her latest one makes a big deal about how Avaaz, (and possibly a heavily armed Margaret Atwood), crushed the defenceless right-wingers of SunTV.

No mention is made of the activities of Kory Teneycke and the strong allegation that he was either party to or had knowledge aforethought of a criminal act of fraud. (Back to that cherry-picking thing Donna is apparently so good at.)

Who knows how good she would have been at twisting facts on SunTV. I personally think she would have been marvelous.

But if Canadian cable providers have been obliged, for the past decade, to offer a channel serving the 10% of the population that is homosexual why should a station serving the 50% of the population that votes conservative not receive an equivalent deal?
Holy frack! How many?!!
No wonder people laugh at her. In the last election less than 26% of the population voted Conservative. In fact, no political party received 50% of the vote.

You couldn't get 50% of Canadians to vote in a single block for anything except maybe oral sex, but that's on another channel.

I am rather saddened that we won't get to see her on SunTV. What a great target!

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Informed Despite Education said...

I for one am not saddened by this at all. What would seem like a great target for us would be like a beacon of hope for the masses of uneducated idiots (used for its ancient greek meaning) we are tossing through our education systems. Though we would have laughed and mocked her, a signinificant number of the population would have taken her word as gospel...why else would so many try so hard to defunct the idea of climate change. No, I say instead, that this was a hint that sanity still lingers in the hearts of people and maybe there is still a chance for the future...unless you consider the power prestige people may look to bestow upon (Shudder) Sarah Palin by our souther neighbours.