Friday, November 19, 2010

Firm date

Feb 22, 2008 : Globe and Mail

"The Conservative government has proposed a firm date of July, 2011, for Canadian troops to withdraw from southern Afghanistan.

"It would be churlish for anyone to suggest that the government has not come a long way," Bob Rae said. Mr. Rae said the important point is that the government agreed to accept a firm end date ... and adopting the Liberal wording on changing the focus of the mission to training Afghan forces.

The Tory motion adopted almost all of the wording of a motion proposed by Mr. Dion on Feb. 12, but it deleted the Liberals' demands that the Canadian Forces refuse to transfer detainees to Afghan authorities."

Nov 19, 2010 : Ottawa Citizen

"Canada's end date of March 2014 for a training mission in Afghanistan is firm despite NATO's plan to continue non-combat operations there, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Friday.

"March of 2014 is when we will be leaving," Cannon said at a news conference."

This time Bob Rae brokered the Lib/Con deal and said we didn't really need a vote on it.

As to the transfer of detainees to Afghan authorities entirely funded by the CIA - an issue so explosive Steve shut down Parliament rather than face an investigation into it just under a year ago - well, no one mentions that any more but Laurie Hawn is working on it.


Dave said...

And we believe them because Strausse predicted we would.

Dana said...

We're going to be there in one form or another for the next 30 years or more.

Get used to it.

One excuse after another will be trotted out and dutifully reinforced by the glory hounds in the news media.

The "people" will register their displeasure passively by way of polls but not at the ballot box.

Taxes will go down. Indebtedness will rise. Corporations will take over more and more of our civic space and democracy's day will approach its end. No one will notice or complain.

Too busy and I'm alright, Jack will replace responsibility or duty.

There's not a lot to be done about it really. This is an unstoppable tide now. Learn to be content. Love your family. Try to forget the dream.

Anonymous said...

The queshion is, what should we all do about it? Pls. gawd don't say more of the same. I'm about to slap my self in the face. Just to remember I do have a plan.

Oh shit I just rememberd, no one else does. Stupid me to think the lines continue. Ad nauseum.