Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I don't care if they pay for the gas...

If they want to look for oil and gas in my Arctic, they can go buy their own bloody ship, not rent ours.

Questions are being raised over the use of a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker by two oil companies for research that could help them make a case for drilling in the Arctic.
CBC News has learned that for a minimum of $50,000 a day, BP and Imperial Oil paid to use CCGS Amundsen — Canada's most advanced research ship which is dedicated to the study of climate change — for a total of six weeks over the past two years.
The oil companies want to study the environmental impact of their exploratory oil drilling plans in the Beaufort Sea.

What's that BP? You can't afford your own ship you say? Some problems in the Gulf this year cost you a little much?
The notion of renting a public climate change research vessel by private oil companies to look for the very sources of anthropogenic climate change is simply appalling. I want new rules about the use of my ship. 

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Dave said...

Actually, I know that to be a fact. I was in a position whereby I was in a position to have to organize the training some of their researchers.

I was curious at the time because the people involved worked for local private companies who obviously were employees of companies who were contracted by some other larger outfit.

Here come the piss-cutter. It wasn't just the coast guard. Look at the summer naval exercise in the Arctic.

Look at it really, really hard.