Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Under the category of "Who cares?"

Bristol Palin, (they actually named her after a bay named after a British admiral? Awesome!) came third.

She should have been dancing with me and saved herself the limelight. Honest. I do my dancing on Channel Night or Straits Night.

However, her big yappy ego did produce this.

Earlier in the night, Palin said winning would be like “a big middle finger” to those who dislike her and her politician mother, Sarah Palin.

A lot of politicians have that kind of egotistical twist. You know... giving a victory speech before the polls have opened.

Too bad. So sad. I guess it's back to filleting Halibut. Life's a son-of-a-bitch including the times when your Mother doesn't give you enough information to prevent a pregnancy.

Are we done now? Can we get back to having your Momma run for Presnit? You're not a dancer. And Mommy is a quitter.

I have to add this. I just can't resist.

I have NEVER watched dancing with the stars or whatever it's called. Not my thing. But Jennifer Grey ... Jennifer Grey. She's 50 years old and she whopped your ass! That's my kind of woman!!

And she's 50? I thank mother earth. She probably doesn't spend her life texting to her facebook account. Go Baby!

OK, OK! Stop with the friggin' emails!!!

Yeah... justice is a bitch ain't it.

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