Monday, November 29, 2010

Angry man in uniform says something

Bill Blair, Toronto cop-chief.
The video shows about a half-dozen police officers chasing and then tackling Nobody at Queen's Park. SIU director Ian Scott said the video appeared to show one of the officers striking Nobody repeatedly while he was on the ground. Police had forensically examined the tape and found it had been altered, Blair said. "The evidence that they're relying on is false. It's been edited. A significant portion of it has been removed," he told CBC's Metro Morning. "And I think that removes any opportunity for a reasonable explanation of the force that was used, and frankly, I would have expected more." But the SIU is standing by its investigation.
"What I can say is that if the chief has relevant information that will assist us in furthering these investigations we'd certainly be willing to take them and review them and take any necessary action," said SIU spokesman Frank Phillips.
Bill, if I may,
You enforced a secret law that lead to the detention of a thousand of my fellow citizens at the hands of your 'police', violating just about any Constitutional and legal right one could point to. The more you defend their actions and thus yours as their leader, the more you reinforce the mistrust between the public and police. 
We simply don't believe anything you or the members of your constabulary say anymore.

You and your police are utterly devoid of credibility. 
This is the problem you need to fix, and attempting to defend your officers does not do that.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the fake seized weapons they proudly displayed to the media.

Norm Farrell said...

How about the reaction in Ottawa to inappropriate police action?

When I heard the Ontario Premier, the Ottawa Police Chief and others decrying the treatment of prisoner Stacy Bonds, I thought the "outrage" sounded appropriate. I assumed the incident had just occurred.

However, the assault by a team of jailhouse guards and police happened in 2008. Suddenly, the claimed outrage didn't sound sincere, coming as it did more than two years ago.

The political reactions we saw recently followed the spirit of Sergeant Schultz. At the first sign of trouble, it was, "I know nothing, NOTHING!"

Could they have been willfully blind? To how many other incidents have they been blind?

Lindsay Stewart said...

who knew you could whitewash with pig shit?

Rev.Paperboy said...

the "tampering" and "editing" apparently consisted of turning th ecamera off for four seconds when the person using it thought the cops were running toward him for using the camera. Shame on Bill Blair and all the cops involved.

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