Monday, November 15, 2010

Competing with the Sun?

That's the only rationale I can come up with for such a moranic editorial from the G&M. My Outrage-o-Meter gave me a look and said this must be satire and chastised me for bothering it with such obviousness.  

For a more cogent tearing apart, Gruending via BCL are the must reads. I might say more later, but for now I have to go quietly poke the university bureaucracy with a stick and see what happens.


Edstock said...

"A porous Arctic, risking the death of Canadian sovereignty"
A porous Arctic? Who knew?

Dana said...

News media generally are always going to be gung-ho for battle.

That's where the big awards live. That's where the modern news media made their bones and gained the credibility we still grant them.

Why we still grant them credibility for battle related things they accomplished decades ago is the mystery.

The news media in Canada scrape their living by whoring for corporate advertisers.

Subscribers and readers - CITIZENS - are only important to the media insofar as the number of subscribers and readers affects how much money they can charge corporate advertisers.

The media too is corporate.

So this corporate circle jerk goes round and round and all the while the corporate media keeps trying to re-create just enough of an aura of historic accomplishment and relevance to citizens to keep us on the hook.

But really - their contemporary importance or relevance to citizens, to the health and well being of democracy, to community is approaching nil and in some instances has become a detriment.

Don't take seriously anything you read in their pulp or virtual pages. They can still be a source of information of a certain kind - albeit a superficial, self-serving kind of information.

But the reality is that everything you read in any iteration of modern corporate media - absolutely everything - is advertisement of one kind or another.