Friday, November 26, 2010

Just awesome...

Nine years of blood and treasure, including the deployment of the most sophisticated intelligence organisations in the history of the world, for this:
The fake Taliban commander, said to actually be a Pakistani shopkeeper, received thousands of dollars in goodwill payments from the Afghan government, British newspapers reported, and was flown on NATO aircraft.

Really, it is just awesome. If there was ever a sign to quit and go home, now, this is it. It's all down hill from here. NATO's late career trainwreck. The guns, the bombs, the gambling on big roles beyond their experience. It's all too much. Just stop NATO, you're done. Pull pole and go. Because now every freakin' dude hangin' in the bazaars is going to be knocking on your door claiming to be a high ranking Taliban member willing to negotiate. They'll be pissing themselves for a thousand years on this one. They'll make "I am Taliban commander" T-shirts. They'll be comedy sketches, reality shows for who can most elaborately fool NATO...


Dana said...

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They saw us dumbass westerners coming a millennium ago.

Dave said...

There's something very weird about this whole thing. Very weird indeed.

From mid-decade onward there has been a Joint Prioritized Effects List, (JPEL), listing Taliban commanders down to the small unit level. These guys have been targeted for a double-tap to the forehead by roaming units of special forces. SF have been sent out to "cut off the head" of the Taliban by either killing or detaining anyone on the JPEL. (Look for Task Force 373).

So... how does this guy?:

a. Get past the intel ruperts and my successors in the weeds without a cross-reference and brutal vetting; and,
b. Given that the Taliban are keeping their heads down because of the JPEL hits, convince anyone that he's nuts enough to come out of a hole to negotiate when special forces have a bead on him?

Something ain't right here.

thwap said...

His lie was what Gen. Petraeus wanted to hear: